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Products & Services

Damp Proofing

Ian Gibson Associates offer a range of Remedial Dampproofing Systems from Electro Osmotic through to the various Chemical Systems. They are installed by trained operatives to meet the various standards within the industry. Long term guarantees are offered along with the benefit of an independent insurance backed guarantee.

All the operatives are directly employed by the company which extends to the re-plastering service that forms the integral part of the Remedial System.

Timber Treatment/ Fungal Decay: Wet & Dry Rot

The enemies of timber; Infestation and Fungal Decay, can cause extensive damage to the structure of a property. We at Ian Gibson Associates offer a full range of Timber Treatments along with the necessary replacements to systematically restore buildings to their former glory.

All our Surveyors are trained to the industry standard (PCA) to identify and restore Timber defects in a property.

Chemical Replastering

Re-plastering, following the installation of a Chemical Damp Proof Course, is usually required to deal with damp affected plaster, where ground salts are apparent.

We can provide a full specification and re-plastering service with our own employed plasterers.

Traditional Lime Base Plastering & Cornice Work

Traditional Lime based Plasterers and Renders are becoming more popular generally and are used almost entirely in listed buildings to meet the requirements of the Construction Authorities.

Our company has the training and expertise to carry out Lime Plastering Systems along with the decorative Cornice Work that usually goes hand in hand with that type of work.

General Preservation & Restoration

Along with the core business of Damp Proofing, Timber Treatments and Building Stabilisation we offer a general Restoration service to improve and restore your property. There works can vary from Cast Iron Down Pipes and Gutter to traditional Cast Vent Covers for Sub-floor Ventilation.

Our Surveyors will be more than happy to discuss your specific requirements.

Structural Stabilisation/ Wall Tie Replacement

Along with Dampness and Timber defects building movement can cause extensive damage to the building fabric.

Ian Gibson Associates install a variety of Stabilisation Systems to bond walls to walls and walls to floors. We are approved contractors of ‘Cintec’ and ‘ThorHerical’ systems and can install various Wall Tie types to re-bond Cavity Walls.

Our Surveyor works closely with Structural Engineers to provide a satisfactory solution to building movement.